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The Buffalo Art Project is a service learning publication project designed to promote the Arts and Humanities by allowing aspiring artists and writers to be published in a variety of media formats. The project is an effort to raise public awareness and financial support of the arts and other programs at the Valley Community Association. The project also provides positive reinforcement of the arts for all of the students involved.

The original THYLE.NET site, the Daniel A. Lambrix Memorial Gaming Group is a gaming group located in Buffalo, New York, USA. While they take the occasional stints into other worlds, the primary campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition d20 System.

Welcome to Chronisverse, forums dedicated to the Heaven vs. Hell Neverwinter Nights server, the EVE Online BruteForce Industries corporation, and a live Dungeons & Dragons campaign in Buffalo, New York.

Silverymoon: The Gem of the North is one of the most fascinating cities in the Forgotten Realms world published by the Wizards of the Coast. Here, a group of fans has gathered to expand that city...

The Standard Stat Block Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a unified formatting for d20 statistic blocks, while allowing them to evolve to meet the needs of the d20 System community.

Free online generators: Dragon, PC, and NPC stat blocks; new races, magical items, and more!