Fantasy Fonts

     Available here are various fonts that are used on my webpages. Their use greatly enhances the appearance of the site, while minimizing the number of custom graphics your browser has to download (which means a faster loading site)! Besides, as someone once told me... you can never have too many fonts.

     Download the fonts linked below to your computer, and remember where you place the files! Goto your START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL and double click on the FONTS folder. Goto FILE and INSTALL NEW FONT... find the font (if you did it on the desktop, you'll have to go to C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP to find it) and click install. Make sure the "Copy to fonts folder" is checked.

     Eventually I will have much better directions available here...

Abaddon BebrisBold (FR Headers 3e)
Calligrapher Dethek Runes (FR)
from Dragon Magazine
Espruar Script (FR 1e/2e)
Espruar 3e Exocet (Planescape)
Mason Morpheus
Mystic Etchings (FR Logo 1e/2e) Thorass (FR 1e/2e)
Uncial (FR Headers 1e/2e) Vitriol (Dragon)